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Full day of school begins Monday, September 8 from 8:15 to 3PM for grades K-8. After Care begins for all registered students. Pick up is down the stairs in the school yard and must be by 6PM. Congratulations once again to the students and faculty for the excellent performance on the New York State tests as reported this summer. Particularly, last year's OLS 4th graders scored in the 76% as compared to the state with a score in the 33%, and the city in the 31%. The Class of 2014 distinguished themselves with many students receiving scholarships to private and public high schools. Five students received FULL scholarships to St. Francis Prep. Many students received scholarships to St. Mary High School, and other schools as well. In June we received a special letter from Archbishop Molloy High School that two students who graduated from Our Lady of the Snows in 2010 were the Valedictorian (Samantha Sattler) and the Salutatorian (Krystian Mosquito). We are so proud of all our students. Tell friends to call the school office to make an appointment to come and visit (718-343-1346). Scrip cards are available in the Parish Office on 259th Street. Please continue to save BoxTops and Campbells labels. Remember: it is against the law to leave your car idling near a school. Save the earth for your children.


Be it known to all who enter here that
is the reason for this school.

He is the unseen but ever present teacher
in its classes. He is the model of its faculty
and the inspiration of its students.

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